All Things Japan LLC is always working at the ground floor level for successful entry into the Japanese markets and expansion of your business.


Our Vision

All Things Japan will be the leader in providing the best of the best products Japan has to offer to the world.

Our Mission

We will export from Japan:
  1. Always provide the best of the best “Made in Japan” products to the world.
  2. Provide an e-commerce platform that will connect the best Japanese products and their suppliers to customers economically, globally, and effortlessly.
  3. Be the premier choice for product representation for suppliers/sellers both locally and abroad.
  4. Become a major force in bridging the gap between Japanese made products and Non-Japanese buyers online.


Our Strengths


Although we charge a fee for our service, it is often cheaper than training or recruiting staff in Japan's business market. All Things Japan LLC allows your company to hit the ground running and talk to individuals that already have the expertise to answer complex questions.

Local Knowledge

All Things Japan LLC provides valuable information about the local laws and regulations in Japan. All Things Japan LLC can also facilitate communication between foreign companies entering the Japanese local markets to manufacturers and distributors.